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Organic amenities in dispensers

Did you know that refillable dispensers in the hotel are the most environmentally friendly choice and have the same quality cosmetics as in small bottles?


Did you know that refillable racks are the most economical and environmentally friendly choice for hotels? It's simple, reducing disposable plastics reduces the percentage of CO2 emissions and tourism accounts for about 5% of the world's total CO2 production.

The NATURALS REMEDIES brand is a modified selection of created pharmaceutical recipes that contain sage, nettle and black currants in organic quality. Sage is known for its healing properties, nettle is known for its stimulating effects and black currant is rich in vitamin C and fatty acids.

Enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of ancient pharmaceutical vegan recipes combined with a modern and sophisticated interpretation of traditional scents, delivered in sophisticated, ecological and modern packaging.


  • Suitable for vegans
  • Fine composition with a pleasant structure
  • With plant additives and organic extracts modern, minimalist packaging and tinted bottles to protect rare ingredients from UV radiation
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Bottles are made from 25% recycled PET (PCR)
  • 93-95% of the ingredients are of natural origin
  • Formulated with mild preservatives and without dyes, without parabens and silicone


What distinguishes NATURALS REMEDIES from other lines of body care?

NATURALS REMEDIES combines the centuries-old traditions of pharmacists, who have provided each customer with selected, personalized formulations, with a modern design, organic extracts and a revitalizing elegant scent.

What do the numbers on the bottles mean?

NATURALS REMEDIES offers the best of pharmacy. The numbers on the bottles reflect the test "x". For hand and body cream, pharmacists, for example, have achieved very good results with formulation 14. The number reflects the version of the formulation that met all expectations when developed at the pharmacy. Thus, there is no taxonomy in numbering.

Which organic extracts are in different formulations?

Sage and blackcurrant: shower gel, body lotion, soap

Sage and nettle: shampoo, conditioner

Are the products not tested on animals?

Yes, ADA International does not perform animal testing.

Does NATURALS REMEDIES contain silicones, mineral oils or parabens?

No, NATURALS REMEDIES is based on renewable plant components with high biodegradability (more than 95%). The formulations do not contain parabens as preservatives.

How to dispose of possible plastic packaging?

All packaging is made of recyclable PETE, PET and PP and can be inserted into the recycling cycle after complete emptying.

Who are we?

Modern hotel inspired by nature

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