Life in Plastic is not fantastic!

We reduce the number of plastics and non-recyclable materials wherever we can.


  • No more plastic room keys, no more paper or plastic do not disturb signs, just in case.
  • No more tons of paper brochures and a guest directory in the room, which one of you reads anyway, right?
  • Everything you need to know is now in our new online Botanique guest app.
  • Room service menus are online, easy to change, easy to read.
  • No more paper coasters in the bathroom, but reusable materials with a long life.
  • Reusable cork coasters under glasses in the room, clean and environmentally friendly.
  • Organic amenities in refillable dispensers, just consume as much as you need!
  • The most used toiletries in the bathroom are now made of ecological materials.
  • Recycle with us, we have large-capacity bins in the corridors for everything that does not belong in the trash.
  • Did you know that used capsules for Nespresso coffee machines from our Superior and Premium rooms are fully recycled?
  • Do you need anything else that isn't in the room right now? Don't be shy, just give us a call!


  • No more pure plastic straws, but bamboo ones that can be washed well and reused.
  • No more napkins under every drink, but reusable cork coasters.
  • Compostable napkins made from recycled materials.
  • Menus are available as well online through a QR code right at the table to reduce waste.


  • All our office teams work on 2 LCD screens to reduce the need for printing.
  • All reporting is done electronically, we all have smartphones, don't we?
  • Recycling bins everywhere and for everything.

Stay in a hotel that cares about the environment. It's not rocket science.

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know!

Who are we?

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