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Newly renovated fitness

As we are constantly improving our product, we have teamed up with Life Fitness and the Olgoj Chorchoj design studio and invested over EUR 70,000 in the renovation and expansion of our hotel gym.

Tomas Nesvorny, the General manager of Botanique Hotel Prague says: "As a passionate athlete myself, I always look for a hotel with at least a decent gym while I am traveling. Then many times I wonder if the person who designed that particular hotel gym has actually ever been to one. The same goes for all those large international hotel brands who love to brag about their stay fit concepts but usually fail to deliver even the basic - a variable hotel gym on the property with solid machines.

In our case, we tried to deliver a lofty space with the most variability equipment we could fit into 60m2 and I hope our guests will love what we have done. Choosing a solid brand like Life Fitness then was just a natural choice."


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Who are we?

Modern hotel inspired by nature

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