To Prague for surgery or fertility treatment at Medistella

To Prague for surgery or fertility treatment at Medistella

It is no secret that Prague is a popular destination for millions of tourists. However, the Czechia, including Prague, is known in the world not only as a tourist destination, but as a destination for many medical procedures.

Medical capacities that strive to make life better and happier are another goal that more and more people are looking for. Low prices, friendly approach and perfect care are some of the many aspects of why people go to the Czech Republic to see doctors. Medistella is one of the popular "patient advocates" or mediators of these services for both Czech and foreign patients, which in cooperation with partner clinics provides many medical and alternative procedures leading to improved quality of life.

Popular clinics within easy reach of the hotel

The above-standard quality of medical procedures, which are also available to "ordinary people" thanks to the affordable price (reasonable price), has appealed to those interested all over the world. It is no exception that many patients, who do not expect a major intervention in the body, want to prolong and make their trip to Prague more pleasant.

It doesn't matter if they are patients from the Czech Republic or America, or many other countries who address the so-called Medistella mediator, most of them are so enchanted by the beauty of our capital that they want to spend at least a few extra days in Prague. It is Medistellawho acts as a facilitator, ie a mediator of surgical procedures in TOP clinics in Prague, but also in other countries (Spain, Greece, etc.). They work only with clinics that meet the highest standards and have favorable prices for their procedures.

The goal of the Botanique Hotel Prague is to provide Medistella's clients with maximum comfort during their therapy, so that they do not miss anything and are pampered. Our hotel is strategically located in the city center and offers easy and quick access not only to top clinics, but also to the entertainment that Prague has to offer more than much.

Baby or better eyesight

The most common reason for addressing Medistella is IVF, which more and more couples are undergoing in the Western world. Assisted reproduction (better known among humans as "artificial insemination") is not just a problem for the individual, but always for two.

After unpleasant examinations, which are mainly performed by a woman, she deserves to have her partner close at all times and let herself be pampered by him.

The short distance between the partner clinics Medistella and the Hotel Botanique offer the ideal way to add pleasant moments to unpleasant moments.

Perfect comfort at the individual clinics, combined with the services at the Botanique Hotel Prague, is available not only for couples who set out on a difficult journey to find the coveted baby, but also for those who have decided to "throw away" glasses and undergo laser eye surgery or any procedure in the field of plastic surgery. Of course, our hotel also has an extra service, which offers services such as airport pick-up. Both our hotel and Medistella are then prepared not only for Czech and English speaking clients, but also for clients from German, Spanish, Italian and French speaking countries.

Family or friends are the best support

Healing and recovery is said to be much faster when the patient is in the circle of their loved ones who care about his good mood and comfort.

From Botanique Hotel Prague, every guest has a great opportunity to support their loved one in the partner clicks of Medistella and at the same time enjoy the comfort and luxury that is part of accommodation in our hotel.

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